March 30, 2012

November 13th, 2013 by Beth

Why Should I Hire an Architect ?

Few people realize how complicated it is to build until they find themselves overwhelmed with a maze of design options, site physical constraints, building and zoning laws and construction related issues.  Often times this realization comes when it is too late.  Most building projects start with a want or a need and the Architect is equipped with knowledge of design process, building codes and construction techniques, to develop solutions and alternatives and solve problems in creative ways with options you or your team may not think of together.

The Architect’s services are not an added cost to your project, but an investment, since a well-conceived project can be built more efficiently and economically.  Thorough drawings make it easier for the contractor to accurately price and build your project and as the project evolves, changes can be made on paper, which is much less expensive than during construction.
Architects stay abreast of advances in technology and materials and work within your budget to suggest the appropriate technologies, materials and workmanship that are durable as well as beautiful, which can avoid frequent maintenance and replacement costs.  Their familiarity with a wide range of materials enables them to suggest the appropriate materials then develop the drawings and specifications to get accurate bids for construction.  Architects can work with energy codes and technology to provide more passive or active energy efficient buildings reducing life cycle and operating costs.  The Architect can interpret complex building codes and zoning laws which can save valuable time and delays during the permitting and construction process.

The Architect will assist in finding qualified contractors and assist during construction to evaluate field condition, consider alternatives and work with a contractor to realize your goals.  If your project requires engineering, special crafts people or other special services, the architect can find and coordinate this team of experts.  Careful planning will limit construction surprises and can have the long term effect of a higher resale value or a well-designed work environment that attracts talented employees or can increases productivity.


Whether you are remodeling, expanding or building new, the architect is one professional who has the education, training and experience to guide you through the entire process of realizing your project goals.  Working with an Architect, not only in the design process but also to coordinate and assist with governmental agencies, contractors and the myriad of other professionals that will be involved, can better help you finish with a satisfying, well-designed project that meets your needs and is within your budget and time frame.

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