Green House Cottages of Carmel

Carmel IN

Our project was to design a senior living community that provides the outcome our client envisioned. The client’s concept was to construct “small house” homes that provide skilled nursing care. There are six cottages, that each are 8,000 sq ft, with twelve¬†private bedrooms that include private bathrooms and showers. They are designed look like single family homes in a the surrounding neighborhood. We helped to design a comfortable home atmosphere, where residents are safe and receive licensed medical care.

Square Footage:

6 8,000 sq ft senior living buildings offering a variety of options plus 2,500 sq ft administrative building


Wood framed structure with exterior EIFS, brick, stone and cementitious siding, designed to feel like a home or a cottage, with multiple ways of getting light into the building

Unique Challenges:

The major design challenges were to design an efficient floor plan for various medical disciplines, while staying below the sq ft threshold for small building design, on a very small site and create an attractive and inviting image from the street.