Lusco Processing Bldg

Noblesville, IN

The Lusco Corporation is a waste management company that specializes in the recycling of materials.
The acquisition of a new baler required the construction of a new facility to house it, as well as the bales of recyclable materials it packages.
A new office building was constructed nearby, greatly increasing the square footage of the company’s headquarters.

Square Footage:

6,000 square feet of office space on two floors and 36,280 square feet of warehouse space


Pre-engineered metal building (warehouse) and steel and concrete structure with a split-faced concrete masonry facade (office)

Unique Features:

Large trucks pull in close to the office building in order to be weighed, and drivers need access to clerks and restroom facilities but cannot have access to the office building as a whole.
The recycling center houses a large, and loud, baler that creates bundles of cardboard and metal, some weighing close to 2,000 pounds.
A thick, reinforced slab is required not only for the stationary equipment and moving forklifts, but for the storage of these large cubes as well.