Phi Delta Theta

Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

The fraternity house of Phi Delta Theta, Gamma Chapter, on the campus of Butler University, was constructed in 1929. After sitting vacant for six years, the alumni made a commitment to resurrect the chapter and rebuild the facility, updating it for today’s college student. The interior was completely demolished, down to the concrete structure and exterior brick walls, and re-construction started in November. The building will be ready for occupancy by the new members in August, 2009 – 80 years after the original construction.

Phi Delta Theta is currently working on LEED certification for the renovation; if successful, it will be the first fraternity to achieve LEED certification in the State of Indiana.

Square Footage:

11,600 square feet on four floors


Concrete structure with brick walls (double wythe,) granite exterior face with limestone accents

Unique Features:

In the first floor Great Room, basement and stairwells, the existing brick walls will remain exposed.

A rooftop terrace on the east side of the building overlooks the southern portion of the Butler University campus.