Riverside Surgery Center

Dyersburg, TN

P   E   T   E   R   S   O   N 

A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T  U  R  E


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e  m  a  i  l      s  t  u  d  i  o  @  p  e  t  e  r  s  o  n  a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t  u  r  e  .  c  o  m


P    R    O    J    E    C    T       D    E    S    C    R    I    P    T    I    O    N


Owner Riverside Surgery Centers, LLC Developer Riverside Surgery Centers, LLC

Address Wilkerson Drive

Dyersburg, Tennessee Design Team Architect The Peterson Group

Structural Engineer Structural Design, Inc.

Square Footage First Floor 8,370 sq ft Electrical Engineer Phillips Engineering, Inc.

Second Floor 8,278 sq ft Mechanical/Plumbing David W. Collier

Total 16,648 sq ft Civil Engineer Reasons Engineers & Assoc. Inc.

Project Cost $3.9 Million General Contractor Wise, Inc.

The project was to design a two-story medical building. The first floor program included a two operating room surgery center with the possibility of expanding to four operating rooms.  The second floor program included doctor’s offices, medical records storage, business offices and classrooms.  The major design challenges were to design a priority one building in a very restrictive seismic zone, on extremely poor soil conditions, while maintaining compact and functional floor plans.


Dyersburg, Tennessee

Riverside Surgery Centers, LLC